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Shawn Hill left a chaotic life behind, including public school, at the age of 17 to pursue something better. Since then he has earned a GED, an Associates in Electronics Engineering, become a small business owner, a photographer, has earned a 2nd Dan rank in Taekwondo, and worked to help youth as a volunteer instructor for over 10 years, hoping to set a good example and demonstrate how learning to respect oneself and others can greatly improve individual well-being as well as the health of a community. In 2011 he founded and ran a non-profit called MARTiAL YOU in an effort to provide opportunities for kids of low-income households to gain the benefits of training in martial arts.

You can still find all of his instructional media for martial arts on youtube as well as information about his IT Consulting Company, VASTmicro Inc. on his company website In 2014, he focused his energy on learning the basics of writing, a skill he admittedly neglected to hone since dropping out of high school two years before graduating. Chances are he’s writing something right now and correcting it at least three times.


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Current Press Release in PDF Form

Juliandra Press Release 3-16-2017


Questions & Answers

What are you currently working on?

“Shawn Lewis Hill I am currently trying to get in the mindset to write an awesome story called “endless”. This was inspired by a question I sometimes ask myself. What if I lived forever. What would life be like and how long could someone bare to live as the only human on the planet. I have 4 other stories I’d like to write as well. I just can’t seem to calm my mind enough to put them into words.”

Where did you get the idea for your most recent book?

“Shawn Lewis Hill I get ideas for stories all the time, but really never get to tell anyone or write them down. My life experience and interests give me tons of inspiration for thought, though Juliandra was the very first story idea that I forced myself to articulate into words.

The novel expresses a tiny fraction of my own personality and romantic side. This is purely anecdotal, but through my life time it seems society has begun to lose the charm and joy of people finding their love interest. All I see thrown out at me is drama, hyped up reality, and the old “plenty of choice so why settle” mantra, hardly any true romance depicted. I don’t get a chance to feel the human side, only the happenings.

I wanted to express that human side through my book because its what I personally crave and I think many other do as well.”


Cover Art & Author Photos

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Working in Photography – Courtesy of Cory Hill