I would like to thank all the individuals who read my story while in the draft state and those who helped me make it what it is by providing honest feedback. Without you, this story would not be as awesome as it is!

I would like to acknowledge and give a huge loving thank you to Brittny Mayo, who inspired me to write in the first place. Without Brittny’s encouragement, this story may have never been put onto paper.

THE SHOE is a chapter especially dedicated to Brittny Mayo, a beautiful woman and wonderful human being who changed my life forever with her love.
A special thanks goes out to Dylan Hill, who was the very first reader of this story. Dylan read each separate chapter just as quickly as they were written and showed interest in the story, characters, and plot, which reinforced my desire to complete the very first draft.

Thank You Audrey Co, Brittny Mayo, Adriana Hopkins, and George Adams for taking time out of your busy lives to help me edit this book. Your efforts were crucial to getting some of my phrasing, punctuation, tense, spelling, and grammar correct!

This entire story is dedicated to every human in existence, who understands the idea of love, chooses to right what is wrong, make good what is bad, and give all that they are for the sake of another, without regard for themselves.