Juliandra was written as a description of a movie so it could become a movie. The fact that it’s a book is just an intermediate step to my goal of actually having the story turned into a motion picture.

Just as many ideas get born, Juliandra, which I initially titled HOPE, came to life during a short span of creative thought while daydreaming about the romantic nature of mutual self-sacrifice. Despite the impression many may have of me, I am a huge romantic, but only when it’s reciprocal.

Unlike other romantics, my fantasy of love becomes conditional when it refers to the love of a women. I’m not into singular love or non reciprocated emotional acts. If only one person is investing their heart then the relationship is just one sided and falls more into the category of sadness or a feeling of compassion for the poor sap that’s “in love” with someone “not in love” with them. It has to be mutual all the way for the romance to be genuine.

The idea of two people unconditionally loving each other equally, intrigues me beyond imagination, and whenever my mind wanders, it’s usually in that direction.

Any time I have limited stress, not worrying about the world, the IRS, my bills, and all those other details of life that hold us back, entire stories play out in my head as if I was watching a movie in some crazy fast forward speed. Amazingly though, these “flash movies” or daydreams can be rewound, paused or replayed in an instant. The mind is a powerful thing!

I think overall it took my brain about ten seconds to completely create, from beginning to end, the entire virtual world of Juliandra and to follow the journey of a theoretical man chasing the answer to his ultimate question. How can I save my soul mate?

The core of this story stems from the inner romantic nature of my mind. I’ve always dreamed of meeting that wonderfully compatible and beautiful girl who would truly love me as much as I would love her. Just the thought of having such a bond with someone strong enough that each would do whatever it took to protect, comfort, or make happy the other without question, is truly something I aspire and hope to experience in my lifetime.

Sadly, in today’s world, those around me seem lost in materialistic attributes, shallow thoughts, and judgmental attitudes, making romance seem like nothing more than a silly nostalgic premise. This of course makes you fantasize even more about it! We’re all so connected these days we’ve become disconnected. Social media, smartphones, and online dating have not exactly fostered an environment of romance. In fact, when I start to think about romance and love, typically my first thought is, where have they gone?

So, after getting past that first question and drifting off into the detailed story of two lovers with a bond so strong anything could happen. I decided to for once write the basic idea down and see if i could make a synopsis that could be pitched to a movie studio. Well, it was killing me to see only a very limited description of this glorious story locked in my head, so over a four month period of nonstop writing, I put into words the basic idea of what I saw play out in my brain. Holy cow! That was painful.

The writing is far from perfect and might even seem amateur, but I had to risk being labeled an amateur in order to get the concept out of my head and into the hands of others. Draft after draft, I coerced friends to help me find grammatical errors and spelling mistakes until I felt it was ready to go. A little excited and somewhat impatient I designed a cover, formatted my book’s text, and pushed the go button to publish the story in February of 2015, one year after I started to write it down.

I am, to this day, still refining the words, paragraphs, and chapters to relay the story just right. The book has been updated five times as an e-book and twice as a published paperback. One thing I’ve tried to create with the writing is a limited view point through a linear timeline. I wanted to convey the direction of the main character throughout the story and have the reader experience what he does and nothing more, as if they were him.

I truly find it amazing that my mind was able to accurately and quickly create every character, personality, scene, and action sequence within seconds, but to share those thoughts by means of writing them down has taken over a year. Crazy!

As a side note, half way through the writing process of draft one, I was undergoing a relationship break up. The one person in my life that truly loved and held me in high regard was no longer going to be with me. It was both a happy and sad moment for each of us because we were departing as good friends. From this emotion came the joyful memories which gave birth to the chapter called “The Shoe.”

I wrote that chapter the very night we decided to part ways, and I could not fight back the flow of tears the entire time.